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How to Use Windows 365 Cloud and Why

Nacho Mascort


Windows 365 Cloud is a new Microsoft offering that puts your PC in the cloud. Its best feature is that you can roam all your settings from your Physical PC to your Cloud PC. These include your apps, desktop, browser history, favorites, wallpapers, and content.

You can then access them at any time on any of your devices, including your phone or tablet, whether they are Mac, Linux, iPad, or Android. So you get the power of the cloud combined with the simplicity and ease of use of your PC. Windows 365 Cloud is a hybrid computing model that will allow users all the capabilities of their PC with the power of the cloud.

It’s not aimed mainly at personal use but at the new world of remote work that arrived in the pandemic era. It will be available from August 2, 2021.

  1. Streaming Data to Other Platforms

    How to Use Windows 365 Cloud and Why

    The Cloud PC allows users to stream all their information from the cloud to any of their devices on any other platform including Mac, Linux, iPad, or Android. You can switch from one device to the other and pick up where you left off on your Cloud PC.

  2. Pre-Provisioning Windows 365 Cloud PC

    How to Use Windows 365 Cloud and Why

    Windows Autopilot white glove pre-provisioning allows organizations to provision new devices easily. This takes them from the initial factory configuration to a state in which they are ready for productive use.

  3. The MEM Intune Portal

    How to Use Windows 365 Cloud and Why

    The Windows Cloud PC workloads are integrated with MEM Intune, which is part of the MEM portal itself. Windows 365 is part of the MEM Intune Portal. It can be managed with Endpoint Manager and can do the following:

    – Provision virtual machines (VMs)
    – Change the size of VMs
    – Check the performance of VMs
    – Change user settings
    – Arrange network connections
    – Deploy Operating System (OS) Images
    – Deploy Apps
    – Deploy Security and Defender policies

What it Will Mean to IT Professionals and Admins

IT professionals will find it easy to configure Cloud PCs with tools they know well, like Microsoft Endpoint Manager. They will be able to make sure their companies have an environment that is more flexible and secure and allows their employees greater ease of use from wherever they are on any of their devices. Freelancers or contractors who come into an organization can also be managed without logistical or security problems.

IT Admins will be able to manage updates and deployment of new software easily. They’ll use Windows 10 or 11 to upscale their PCs when necessary. They can set up user groups by departments like IT, Insurance, and Tax and assign Cloud PCs with high computing abilities where needed.

Is Windows 365 Cloud Secure? 

Windows 365 is built based on Zero Trust Architecture. Information is stored in the cloud. Disks running on the Cloud PC are all encrypted, as is the network traffic data. Stored data is encrypted at rest. For secure logins, you can use Multifactor Authentication (MFA). You can use conditional access With Microsoft Endpoint Manager and MFA as an additional security layer.

Will There be Application Compatibility? 

Microsoft guarantees that there will be application compatibility with App Assure, a service that helps customers with over 150 users troubleshoot issues they might run into with applications at no cost. It will also support business apps, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What Windows 365 Cloud Will Do For You

Windows 365 Cloud PC will deliver a tailor-made PC experience in the cloud. That can be accessed from any device. This will give workers and organizations much more flexibility as well as ease of working. It introduces a new way to experience Windows 10 or 11 when it’s available.

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